No matter how big or small your issue I am here to listen.


I am a person-centered counsellor, providing a professional, safe, calm and confidential space for all my clients. A space where we can explore issues in a totally non-judgmental and sensitive way. I am client led, where you decide on where you want to go and what you want to discuss.
I know it can be hard to seek help; I too have sought help after finding things difficult. Admitting to ourselves we need support can be the hardest step, so I know how you may be feeling on that first appointment.
I also have extensive experience of working within the NHS environment, with a focus on supporting people who are suicidal and distressed.
Compassion and empathy are at the forefront of everything I do, supporting clients in their time of need and signposting to get the right extended support. I have worked with various mental health issues, including: Anxiety, Bereavement, Depression and Suicidal Ideation.
Counselling on challenging life events is also within my area of expertise. Remember, no matter how big or small it may seem, you are not alone and help is out there.